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Alien Relations (Freestyle Mx) Alien Relations (Freestyle Mx)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Outstanding Trance

This trance is one of the best I've heard in a long time...


- 1:33) The drop was very professional, I would suggest adding more blank space before the drop. Also something with buildup, snare roll or a reverse cymbal etc.
-Clipping) As Supersteph54 mentioned, "...diffrent melodies in the background. Usually, this results in the song sounding very cluttered, messy..." You did a great job at filtering/EQ this song to were their is no clipping/static what so ever.


-Length) A tad-bit to long considering it's only a instrumental... If their were some vocals involved, or atleast a hook, it wouldn't feel so long.
-Intro) The intro just didn't seem to fit the rest of the song, I guess I'm saying this because of the ambience wave in the background. Feels as if it could use some more instruments in the intro instead of the saws etc.

Overall it's a great Trance, very small problems with it, nothing to worry about.

Bracksta responds:

thanks for finding and reviewing my song Phalanx. i'm happy to impress you :). I knew when i made this mix that i would get comments on being cluttered or random because it is a freestyle mix. I like to start the song with ambient and pads, it is a lil signature i stick to, lol. i agree that it is lengthy, i could have cut alot out. i need to find a really good build up snare! arg i haven't been able to find the quality i want! thanks so much for the review and you time :). peace and god bless!